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Create Your Own Mousepad. Print your business mousepad logo. These make very effective marketing tools. Make sure your customers and prospective clients have your business information on their desk and at their fingertips for fast reference. Custom company mousepads are a functional gift. Your business information always available to your clients. Use any of these images for a Drink Coaster too.

Or choose one of ours. Mousepad alerts: fun and cute mousepad content. Mousepad calendars. Butterfly mousepad. Kids mousepad. Cute mousepads.Funny mousepads.

Want a customized t shirt or hoodie? How about drink coaster or koozie. We do that. Call us. 703-989-7339. Or email us with your idea. We'll get right back to you. Don't be shy now.

These mousepads are 7.75" x 9.25" x .125" in size. Mousepads and all JiffyWInk products Made in the USA. Mousepad material is synthetic rubber covered with a thin layer of fabric. At JiffyWInk we are committed to the American worker and American products. All products made in America. Made in USA.