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golden retriever custom mousepad template $9.50

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Golden Retriever Custom Mousepad Template... Cool Mousepads. Add your own text. Or leave it with no text. You don't have to add your message. But if you want to, add anything you want.

Or we can start from scratch to create your customized mousepad. Have an idea for an image but don't know how to design it? We'll do it for you. Really! Call us 703-989-7339. Or email us at Don't be shy now. Your custom mousepad template is here.

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Create your own custom mousepad with your mousepad logo and business information or personal fun design. Make sure your client or prospective customer has your business information in sight, in mind, on their desk, and always at their fingertips. A very effective marketing tool. Call us. What do you have in mind? We will build the Custom Mousepad for you. No extra charge for the artwork for your custom mousepads. We do have a 20-mousepad minimum order for custom artwork.

Want a customized t shirt or hoodie? Maternity shirt, baby onesie, personalized tote? How about drink coaster or koozie. We do that too. Call us. 703-989-7339. Or email us with your idea. We'll get right back to you.

These mousepads are 7.75" x 9.25" x .125" in size. Our Mousepads are Made in the USA. JiffyWInk is committed to the American Worker and to American Products. Do your part to support your country by buying American. Made in America. Made in USA.