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Really FUN Gyn Exam Stirrup Covers. That's right. The girlie medical exam doesn't have to be all "Oh, I hate this part!" But we CAN print it on a stirrup cover. They're Oh So Soft and Beautiful. Many JiffyWInk Stirrup Covers are Laugh-Out-Loud Funny. Patients love them! They promise to be a very relaxing and beautifying piece for your exam room.
All JiffyWInk Products are Made in the U.S.A.

       Solid Stirrup Covers


aqua stirrup covers spring gold stirrup booties ob gyn stirrup covers blue candy pink stirrup covers
charlie brown stirrup covers coal dust stirrup covers cranberry stirrup covers vintage gold stirrup covers
tangerine orange exam table stirrup cover aqua stirrup covers jade green stirrup covers yellow stirrup covers
melody green stirrup covers navy blue stirrup covers light pink stirrup covers peacock blue stirrup covers
petal pink stirrup covers purple stirrup covers ob gyn stirrup booties red slate grey stirrup covers

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custom ob gyn stirrup covers gyn stirrup covers custom ob gyn stirrup covers gyn stirrup covers vinyl exam stirrup covers

JiffyWInk will make Logo Custom Printed Medical Stirrup Covers for your office. Just email us at Or give us a call at 703-989-7339. They're so fun. Your patients are going to love them!

Our custom printed stirrup covers have an outer layer of 100% cotton duck, pre-shrunk. The inner lining is 50/50 cotton/polyester. They include an inner layer of fiber-fil for extra pillowy comfort. And they're completely wash and dryable.

Our Custom Printed Stirrup Booties are made to order. In order that you may have your choice of background color with fun forward image, we order custom printed fabric for our exam stirrup covers. We must wait for the custom fabric to arrive to make the stirrup covers. There is an approximate 6-week turn around time for these type stirrup covers. Don't be impatient, now. They're well worth the wait!

Visit our shop on Etsy for pre-made, really fun printed exam stirrup covers.

"Oh No, Not this again!" OBGYN exam stirrup booties. "I Hate This Part" ob gyn stirrup covers. "Scoot Closer" obgyn stirrup covers. And lots more.

Teddy Bear Stirrup Covers. A cuddly teddy bear holds your patient's feet in comfort and warmth with these stirrup covers.

How may times have you asked yourself, "Are we done yet?" during that moment? Come on! We're just being honest. Or thought, I'm gonna need Chocolate after this." :)

I don't know about you ladies, but when I'm waiting for the doc to walk in at THAT moment, a laugh would be just what the doctor ordered.

JiffyWInk has designed these funny stirrup booties to add a touch of levity to your patient's visit. Ever wonder what the lady-in-waiting is doing while perched on the exam table, her exam gown tied lightly at the waist, her bare feet dangling?

She's looking for something to read. Something to smile about. Something FUNNY. Something fun. Something relaxing. Something soothing.

Our exam table stirrup booties are all of these. They're sure to put some sunshine around the exam room. They're soft. Cozy. Comfortable. Washable. Fun. And Relaxing.

Your patients will love them. We're willing to bet they'll even sneak pics of them to share with friends. What a great way to gain referrals from patients.

All of our OBGYN exam stirrup covers are 100% made in the U.S.A. Contact us at 703-989-7339. Or order your favorites online. Just click!