Fur Exam Stirrup Covers
Googley Fun Furry Exam Stirrup Covers

These Medical Stirrup Covers Styles Also Available!

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fur exam stirrup covers Meet OPHELIA!
Fun and Furry Googley Eyes
Fur Exam Stirrup Covers

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custom ob gyn stirrup covers gyn stirrup covers custom ob gyn stirrup covers gyn stirrup covers vinyl exam stirrup covers

Here she is! OPHELIA! Gorgeous, Royal, and Furry. She's one of Our New Medical Fur Exam Stirrup Covers? These Furry Googley Eyed Ladies are so fun and comfy too. Your patients will love Ophelia!

Introducing GERTRUDE! She's outrageous. She's one of Our New Medical Exam Fur Stirrup Covers? These googleys are so fun, and furry, and Googley Eyed. Your patients will love Gertrude! And she'll wrap your feet in furry comfort.

Visit our shop on Etsy for pre-made, really fun printed exam stirrup covers.

Grab Bag Discount Gyn Stirrup Covers. We have surplus printed fabric. So... might as well make some stirrup covers! And offer them at a discounted price. These grab bags are available only as long as supplies last. First come, first served for our Gyn stirrup covers. These Stirrup Covers are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk. They include an inner layer of fiber-fil for extra pillowy comfort. And they're completely wash and dryable. JiffyWInk Stirrup Covers give your medical office beauty, comfort, and yes FUN.

Want to print your business information on customized stirrup covers? Contact us to create your own. No charge for the artwork setup. Really! These stirrup covers are a powerful marketing tool. Leave them with your referring clients and they always have your information handy. Use our I Hate This Part Stirrup Covers or another design as your template. Or let's create something unique for you.

I Hate This Part Stirrup Covers. Our most popular Gyn Stirrup Covers. We all hate this. These stirrup covers make sure everyone understands this.

Hoppy Frogs Stirrup Covers are sure to make your patients smile. The frogs are busy entertaining your patient while she is waiting for you.

Your patients will adore our Heart Gift Stirrup Covers. And their feet will love them too. The little boy and girl are too cute.

Dont Worry Stirrup Covers are outrageously funny! Your patients will laugh out loud when they see them. We bet they'll even text a picture of them to friends while waiting to see you. A great way to gain referrals!

Clown Fish Stirrup Covers bring the Ocean Beauty to your office.

Have fun with Hokey Pokey Ob Gyn Stirrup Covers. They'll make your patients laugh. Your staff will love to use them. The Butterfly Girl Medical Stirrup Covers are whimsical and relaxing.

Adorable obgyn stirrup cover booties to welcome the brand new baby girl on her first birthday. Is it a boy? See the obgyn stirrup booties for the brand new baby boy.

Birds Stirrup Covers.

We'd also like you to meet AGNES! She's gorgeous? Our New Medical Fur Exam Stirrup Covers? She's fun. She's furry. She's so Googley Eyed. She'll keep your patients comfortable with her furry little self. She'll googley your patients into a great mood, and be there for moral support.

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