Got Nose?
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got nose onesie

Got Nose?

Our snuggly baby onesies are made in the USA of soft 70%Bamboo and 30%Cotton Jersey (4.5 ounces per square yard). Tinted with Eco-friendly dyes. 3-snaps on bottom binding.

Got Nose?


Got Nose?
Custom Printed Baby Onesies

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The Got Nose Onesie. Want to read a laugh-out-loud funny story? Maryam from Chicago, one of our wonderful customers, emailed us asking if we could print "got nose?" on a baby onesie. Absolutely! We emailed back. And if there is a funny story behind this we would love to hear it. She emailed back. Her answer follows:

"The onesie is for a friend whose newborn often mistakes his dad's nose for a nipple. ;)"

Thanks, Maryam!

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