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Custom Gyn Stirrups Cover 6. Enter your personalized text in the box above. Please use a slash (/) to denote the end of one line and the beginning of the next. For instance, Northern/Fertility/Clinic would appear:


Custom Text Stirrup Covers are available in all the great colors below.

stirrup cover air force blue stirrup cover aqua stirrup cover blue crest stirrup cover blue peacock stirrup cover broker blue
stirrup cover butternut stirrup cover candy pink stirrup cover charlie brown stirrup cover coal dust stirrup cover crystal green
stirrup cover grey stirrup cover heaven blue stirrup cover jays jade stirrup cover mellow yellow stirrup cover miami
stirrup cover navy stirrup cover nectar stirrup cover petal pink stirrup cover purple passion stirrup cover red
stirrup cover regal royal blue stirrup cover sanibel blue stirrup cover sea blue stirrup cover spring gold stirrup cover slate grey
stirrup cover spring natural stirrup cover tangerine stirrup cover vintage gold stirrup cover violet stirrup cover yellow

This is a quick and easy way to customize your ob gyn stirrups cover 6 with the name of your practice. Or print some other fun phrase we haven't listed here. Custom OB Gyn Stirrups Cover.

Want to completely customize your exam table stirrup covers? Contact us to create your own. No charge for the artwork setup. Really! These stirrup covers are a powerful marketing tool. Leave them with your referring clients and they always have your information handy.

Our Gyn Stirrups Cover 6 Booties are made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for shipment.

Put Your Feet Up Stirrup Covers. Our calm turtle lounges in his plush purple chair while inviting your patient to put up her feet and get comfy in our Put Your Feet Up Stirrup Covers.

Push Stirrup Covers feature our baby really impatient to join us on the outside. No Whining Allowed Ob Gyn Stirrup Cover Booties for the tougher crowd. Lovely Feet ObGyn Stirrup Covers feature our Butler Nurse offering your patient a comfortable resting place for her feet.

Have fun with Hokey Pokey Ob Gyn Stirrup Covers. Your patients will love them. Your staff will love to use them.

Adorable obgyn stirrup booties to welcome the brand new baby girl on her first birthday. Is it a boy? See the obgyn stirrup booties for the brand new baby boy.

I Hate This Part Stirrup Covers tell it like it is. We hate this part. But how funny to print it on your stirrup booties. These stirrup covers are sure to make your patients laugh. And their feet will love them too. They are the perfect touch for your medical exam room and a cozy covering for the cold steel stirrups. Your ladies will appreciate these ob/gyn stirrup booties.

Just Breathe! and Relax. A fun and relaxing addition to the formal and anxiety producing exam room, don't miss out on these.

These stirrup booties are made of the softest cotton. They're completely washable. They are built with an inner cushion of fiberfill, front and back, for extra gentleness.

Use them Forward, or Backwards. Or inside out. The fun image is on the front of the Outside. The back side is blank. The Inside is just as soft. The Inside fabric changes with supply. We don't guarantee the inside will be the print pictured here.

All products manufactured and made 100% in America. Made in the USA.