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ob gyn stirrup covers make your patients smile block

Who Knew? The Ob/gyn exam doesn't have to be dreadful. Add some levity to your patients' experience with funny and customized stirrup covers.

Our stirrup covers are cotton/poly. Stuffed with pillowy fiber-fil, they're soft and comfy. They come in beautiful colors. Pick your favorite and order your stirrup covers in any color you like.

We bet you will catch your patients sneaking pictures of your stirrup covers to share with their friends. What a great way to gain referrals!

We're American Made!

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New!!! Vinyl Medical Exam Stirrup Covers

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gyn stirrup covers

The Best Custom Printed OBGYN Stirrup Covers - Cotton

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gyn stirrup covers custom ob gyn stirrup covers gyn stirrup covers custom ob gyn stirrup covers

These stirrup covers have an outer layer of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk. The inner lining layer is 50/50 cotton/polyester of a complimentary color. They include an inner layer of fiber-fil for extra pillowy comfort. And they're completely wash and dryable. JiffyWInk Stirrup Covers add beauty and a sense of relaxation to your medical office. They're comfortable, and yes FUN. Choose your background color.

These stirrup covers are custom made according to order. We first design a print image with the chosen background and forward fun image, and order this personalized printed fabric. We normally receive the custom printed fabric about 2 and a half weeks later. We prewash and preshrink the fabric. And, of course, the fabric must be steam pressed. We are then ready to cut and sew. In order to give you your choice of image and background color, we print and produce all of our Stirrup Booties to order. Please allow 3 weeks for shipment.

"Oh No, Not this again!" OBGYN stirrup booties. "I Hate This Part" ob gyn stirrup covers. "Scoot Closer" obgyn stirrup covers. And lots more.

I don't know about you ladies, but when I'm waiting for the doc to walk in at THAT moment, a laugh would be just what the doctor ordered.

JiffyWInk has designed these funny stirrup booties to add a touch of levity to your patient's visit. Ever wonder what the lady-in-waiting is doing while perched on the exam table, her exam gown tied lightly at the waist, her bare feet dangling?

She's looking for something to read. Something to smile about. Something FUNNY. Something fun. Something relaxing. Something soothing.

Our exam table stirrup booties are all of these. They're sure to spread some sunshine around the exam room. They're soft. Cozy. Comfortable. Washable. Fun. And Relaxing.

Your patients will love them. We're willing to bet they'll even sneak pics of them to share with friends. What a great way to gain referrals from patients.

Want to print your business information on customized stirrup covers? Contact us to create your own. No charge for the artwork setup. Really! These stirrup covers are a powerful marketing tool. Leave them with your referring clients and they always have your information handy. Use our I Hate This Part Stirrup Covers or another design as your template. Or let's create something unique for you.

Hoppy Frogs are sure to make your patients smile. The frogs are busy entertaining your patient while she is waiting for you. If you are searching to buy gyn stirrup covers, search no more. JiffyWInk offer the best custom obgyn stirrup booties.

Your patients will adore our Heart Gift. And their feet will love them too. The little boy and girl are too cute.

Dont Worry are outrageously funny! Your patients will laugh out loud when they see them. We bet they'll even text a picture of them to friends while waiting to see you. A great way to gain referrals!

Clown Fish bring the Ocean Beauty to your office.

Have fun with Hokey Pokey. They'll make your patients laugh. Your staff will love to use them. The Butterfly Girls are whimsical and relaxing.

Adorable obgyn stirrup cover booties to welcome the brand new baby girl on her first birthday. Is it a boy? See the obgyn stirrup booties for the brand new baby boy.

Frankenstein. Franky and his friends, Dracula and Mummy, all cheer your office Spirit on these stirrup covers.

Halloween Dracula. Little Dracula lightheartedly trick or treats in your office to make your patients smile.

Halloween Witch. Our little witch casts a very charming contentment spell on your patients. They can't help but enjoy her presence.

Haunted House. Our haunted house is expecting another scarey visitor. The evil witch is brooming your way.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim. Keep your medical exam room relaxing and seasonal. Fall colors will bring beauty to your office.

I Really Hate This. Oh Come On! Let's be real. Printing how we really feel about this whole exam part is Funny!

Happy Valentine's Day offer a comforting touch in your exam room. These exam table stirrup covers are for Valentine's Day and Every Day.

Happy Hearts offer a comforting touch in your exam room. They're for Valentine's Day and Every Day. Contact JiffyWInk for customized stirrup covers.

Need a Margarita?. Place these "Need A Margarita" very cute obgyn stirrup covers to the top of your obgyn supplies list. You know your patients will LOVE these stirrup covers, even though they Really Hate having to use them. We ladies appreciate a sense of humor. We will welcome a light-hearted smile in the exam room. JiffyWInk is the best of custom obgyn stirrup cover suppliers. Margarita Stirrup Covers.

The Best Obgyn supplies you can buy. Contact JiffyWInk for custom obgyn stirrup booties. Have an idea for custom stirrup covers? That's what we do. We customize exam table stirrup covers for your medical exam table. Your logo, text, and image on your customized medical stirrup bootie.

All of our OBGYN stirrup covers are 100% made in the U.S.A. Contact us at 703-989-7339. Or order your favorites online. Just click!